Experience, competence and creative thinking in the development and production of switchgear and control elements

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Kruse & Kamien Schaltanlagen GmbH, based in Isernhagen near Hannover, specialises in the planning, software creation, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance and service of industrial control systems. The main areas of application are building control technology (heating, air conditioning, ventilation), machine and plant control systems from a wide range of industries. In addition, the company also develops control elements for research projects in cooperation with universities and colleges.

Worldwide installation, commissioning and maintenance

For many years, Kruse & Kamien Schaltanlagen GmbH has been a sought-after partner with its products and services, not only in Germany, but worldwide. The systems developed in Isernhagen and manufactured according to the highest German quality standards are installed worldwide by qualified employees of Kruse & Kamien worldwide, put into operation and handed over after detailed instruction. As part of a comprehensive service, routine maintenance of the equipment is also offered.

Partner of research and science: Kruse & Kamien develops control system for Einstein elevator with a worldwide unique drop tower concept

Experimenting in microgravity for four seconds – 300 times a day: Scientists from the HITec of the Leibniz University of Hanover, together with the company Kruse & Kamien, are realizing space conditions on Earth that create new possibilities for researchers worldwide.

Due to the absolutely precise control of the used linear motors from the roller coaster construction, the drag of the gondola for the free float of the experiment inside the fall tower is precisely compensated. Thus, in the gondola, the vacuum chamber of the plant in which the experiments will be set up in the future, these experiments are four seconds in microgravity, because the movement resistanceof the gondola during its flight is precisely compensated by the drive. Since this technique, unlike conventional fall towers, does not have to evacuate the entire tower, experiments can be repeated up to 300 times a day.

The Einstein Elevator opens up unprecedented new possibilities for quantum physics and space research