References and partners

Technical building management

  • Daimler Chrysler, Bremen, Rastatt, Sindelfingen
  • Karstadt AG
  • Nuclear power plants, Stade, Unterweser, Würgassen 
  • Power plant Rostock 
  • Public buildings, hospitals, arsenals
  • Schering AG 

Mechanical engineering

  • Berstorff, rubber and plastics processing extruders, foam extrusion lines,
    hose and profile production lines, roll covering systems, AUMA lines, calenders
  • Continental, truck and passenger car tyre winding machines, building-up machines, heaters/presses, V-belt testing equipment
  • Fuller
  • Grecon Dimter, wood optimising
  • Metso Panelboard, particle board lines
  • Nexans, tube production
  • Preussag Noell, crane systems
  • Seico, temperature control units
  • Wohlenberg, paper-cutting machines

Tank systems

  • BMW, Regensburg
  • Telekom, Fernvermittlung
  • VW Seat, Chemnitz, Dresden, Emden, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Bratislava, Motorell, Pamplona

Water treatment

  • AWS, wastewater treatment equipment
  • ELGA Berkefeld, water treatment plants
  • ITT-FLYGT, rain spillway basins and pump stations
  • Preussag, swimming-pool construction and waterworks


  • Eon, Avacon, transformer draining
  • MTU, galvanic control, gas heating 
  • S & C, DASA, ESA, diesel control systems
  • Ziegra, ice machines